Rapid Prototype Castings

Rapid Prototype Castings In Days

Get your robustly designed and cast metal flow-optimized Prototype castings in days, with our vast experience and expertise in the Casting domain. Concurrent Design validation and Consistent dimensional characteristics assures stable performance in design sensitive products like Turbochargers, Impellers, Hydraulic Manifolds, and Inlet Outlet castings.

Magna Digitech
Casting With Technology

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Based on design inputs with a 2D drawing or old casting or fabrication, our engineering design team starts working on the design for  3D modeling of the casting. Further, to achieve a robust design,  we optimize the design aspects like wall thickness, tolerances, metal characteristics, calculation of shrinkage, heat transfer and cooling, thus ensuring a sound casting with  perfect castability.

Utilizing our team’s vast experience of 6000+ Casting Simulations and cutting edge software to ensure factors like mold filling , grain structure, stress analysis, distortion and solidification, our expert Casting Simulation capabilities aim for first time right methods to achieve all targeted specifications

The Sand Molds and Cores are printed directly by our Furan 3D Sand Printer. This process assures quick development time with no design constraints.

Considering the time constraints in Rapid Prototype Development where a single piece or small batch is required, the hybrid manufacturing process is adopted, where the Sand Molds are directly milled and Cores are 3D Sand Printed. This provides cost effective and timely solutions especially for larger Prototypes.


Sand Mold And Core Inspection

Our Molds and Cores undergo quality testing like mold strength, mold scratch hardness, tensile strength & dimensional scanning ensuring a perfect castability.

Sand Molds And Cores Packing

Sand Molds And Cores Packing

We concentrate on each aspect for perfect product delivery like proper cleaning and packing of Molds and Cores to reach the foundry without any damage. The Sand Mold and Cores are gently cleaned and packed with proper cushioning. Magna Digitech has gained enough experience in packing method, and have given 100% nondamaged delivery of 3D Sand Printed Molds and Cores to foundries.

Cast Metal Pouring

Cast Metal Pouring

Our in house metal pouring center is equipped to deliver the best castings to our customer and handle all grades of Ferrous metal like Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron & Simo Ductile Iron.

 In addition to this, we have tie-ups with the best foundries which are in tune with our processes for Steel and other non-ferrous metals like Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium-based alloys.

Casting Inspection

Casting Inspection

The Casting undergoes post processing and then is subject to various testing like Dimensional scanning ,  Metallurgy test , Internal Soundness and  X-ray to ensure the quality of the Casting. 

Magna Digitech can provide timely ready to assemble Prototype Components utilizing our Machining Simulation capabilities and Modular Fixtures. 

Our machining centre is equipped with more than 24 CNC Machines including 5-Axis / 4-Axis capability. Machines includes HMCs, VMCs, VTCs & HTCs. 

Machined Component Inspection

Machined Component Inspection

After the Components are machined and ready, it undergoes various quality inspection further to ensure the physical and geometrical characteristics. For this CMM inspection is done to ensure accuracy and precise measurement. We do provide the inspection reports along with the Prototypes.

Prototype Packing

Prototype Packing

To ensure the prototype component reaches our customer fast and safe a perfect uncompromised packing is done with proper care.

3d printing

The parts are printed directly by our Bound Metal Deposition printer layer by layer, which involves extrusion of bound metal rods. This ensures production of parts with quick development time, assuring design freedom.


Sintering causes the metal particles to densify thereby creating a solid structure  the part is heated to temperatures near melting, the remaining binder is removed and metal particles fuse together causing the part to densify up to 98%. The parts are now ready to use..


The part is then immersed in debinding fluid, dissolving primary binder and creating an open-pore channel structure throughout the part, preparing it for sintering.

Part Design

Based on the inputs from the 3D model, various design aspects like thickness, tolerances, metal characteristics are analyzed & the files for metal printing are prepared through Studio System Software generating supports and control parameters .


Magna Digitech’s finishing services includes Hand finishing, Grit blasting, Shotblasting, Vibropolishing, REM’s  ISF® (Isotropic Super Finishing) process.


To meet your specific needs Magna Digitech can provide close tolerance finishing with our technology suite of machining simulation software, modular fixturing, 5 Axis Machining Centre and CMM.