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Magna Digitech India LLP offers OEMs & Foundries a single point solution for Direct Metal Printed Parts, Castings, 3D Sand Printed Molds and Cores, Casting Design and Simulation. With more than a decade of experience in providing Engineering Services, Magna now offers physical solutions in addition to virtual solutions.

Known for its reputation for quality and commitment. Magna Digitech the “Go To Company” in the casting technology space ably backed by the highly knowledgeable and experienced workforce, proven business processes and cutting edge technology. Today, the company provides a wide range of services and solutions that gives customers a strategic competitive advantage so that they can sustain and grow.  See Our Corporate Info..

Modern facilities spread across 2500 Sq.M. of built-up space dedicated to Design and Manufacturing in the heart of Coimbatore. Tamilnadu-INDIA.

Competent Workforce

With two decades of History and More than 100-man years of combined experience contributed by highly efficient group of engineers and technicians, where the core team has been into Solid Modelling, Casting Design, Casting Simulation and Troubleshooting of more than 4000 castings and 200 Prototyping Projects.

Innovative Manufacturing And The Cutting Edge Technology

Direct metal printing

3D SAND Printing

Sand Milling Router

Casting Design

Casting Simulation

Machining Simulation

5 Axis Machining Center

Dimensional Scanning

Our Elite Client Base

Elite client base ranging from leading fortune 500 companies to small to medium Enterprises in the USA, Europe and India, especially catering to more than 100 Foundries.

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Magna Digitech the “ Go to Company “ in the Casting Technology Space.

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3d printing

The parts are printed directly by our Bound Metal Deposition printer layer by layer, which involves extrusion of bound metal rods. This ensures production of parts with quick development time, assuring design freedom.


Sintering causes the metal particles to densify thereby creating a solid structure  the part is heated to temperatures near melting, the remaining binder is removed and metal particles fuse together causing the part to densify up to 98%. The parts are now ready to use..


The part is then immersed in debinding fluid, dissolving primary binder and creating an open-pore channel structure throughout the part, preparing it for sintering.

Part Design

Based on the inputs from the 3D model, various design aspects like thickness, tolerances, metal characteristics are analyzed & the files for metal printing are prepared through Studio System Software generating supports and control parameters .


Magna Digitech’s finishing services includes Hand finishing, Grit blasting, Shotblasting, Vibropolishing, REM’s  ISF® (Isotropic Super Finishing) process.


To meet your specific needs Magna Digitech can provide close tolerance finishing with our technology suite of machining simulation software, modular fixturing, 5 Axis Machining Centre and CMM.